The current version of ProPlan is 5.50.

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Differences between ProPlan and QuickPlan


Moving map - ideal for your portable computer

Real-time moving map. Works with any GPS or other system that supports the NMEA 0183 standard. The map has been designed to cover the largest possible area available on your screen. Therefore, the number of buttons and bars has been reduced to a minimum. Arrow keys can be used for map scrolling. Your aircraft will leave a crumb trail behind and show a track line in front, telling you exactly where you will end up after a predetermined amount of time. 

Near waypoints button will draw a track line to a selected waypoint. This line moves along with the aircraft. You will always find your way back home or to your alternate.

Replay a previously flown moving map track

Store and recall moving map tracks to/from disk. Screen is similar to the moving map. VCR-like buttons: 1 frame forward/back, fast forward/back, freeze etc. allow to view the details of any second of your flown track.

GPS interface

Garmin and Skyforce models added. New Edit GPS note pad facility for Skyforce users. A Notepad-like editor that enables you to prepare and store a library of .TXT files and load the relevant one into your Skyforce unit.

'RNAV to next waypoint' report

When at the beginning of a very long leg, you may not be able to receive beacons nearest to your next waypoint. RNAV information from beacons along your track will then point to your destination.

Minimum Safe Altitude

The expanded navlog now includes an automatic MSA calculation based on our extensive terrain and obstacle database. Configure the safety buffer yourself both vertically and laterally.


ProPlan now offers route specific OPMET and NOTAM information from an official approved European source. This feature requires a current ProPlan database but is otherwise free of charge.

Routes database

New 'Clone' button allows you to open a new copy of an existing route, without affecting the existing route. ProPlan no longer needs to redraw the map after deleting the active route, before creating a new route or when recalling a previously stored route. Temporary route waypoints are now also instantaneous and do not need a map redraw. In short: If your routes fit into the same map configuration, the map will be drawn only once per session. This means a significant improvement in program speed. Going flying with a group of friends - the new Route Export function allows ProPlan users to share routes with each other.

ICAO flight plan database

New 'Clone' button allows you to edit a new copy of an existing flight plan, without affecting the existing flight plan. The listed flight plan names start with departure and destination identifyers for easier search.
Automatic insertion of date of flight. Grey areas can be switched on/off for fax software that can't handle grey, or to save printer ink.


Maps can now also be printed in A3 paper format, doubling the area you see on your screen.


The database is still fully compatible with previous ProPlan versions.

Start up

Significant speed improvement when loading files during start up.

System requirements

Windows 95 or higher - fast Pentium - 64 Mb RAM - 16 bits high color - 15 Mb free disk space.